What is a Credit Union?

A credit union is a financial institution. Similar to other financial institutions, a credit union can offer a wide range of products and services such as savings (regular shares), checking, certificates of deposits (share term certificates), loan products, and much more. Other than the name of the products, there is not much of a difference between products by a credit union and a bank. So, what makes a credit union different from other financial institutions?

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Bob Bushnell first stepped on the tatami in 1981 at Quinta Judo Club under Ian Black before moving to the Sobell Judo Club in 1982. Since then, Bob has risen to the highly respected grade of 6th Dan. As club secretary, Bob manages the club and is responsible for taking on all beginners through the induction program. He has the task of working tirelessly with lower grades to strengthen their foundation and helping them with their grading syllabus. Bob is a leading member of the management committee of JEF (Judo Education Fund) a charitable organisation established independently to help fund judo educational projects. Bob is a founding member of JFAUK and currently serves as its chairman.

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