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Mother's Day Around the World

Mother's Day Around the World

Mother's Day, a global event beloved by many, pays tribute to the women who nurture us with love and wisdom. However, its character evolves with distinct dates and traditions, evident of our planet’s diverse cultural tapestry.

Here are some customs in a few countries:

  • United States: Celebrated on the second Sunday of May, families come together to show appreciation with gifts, quality time, and gestures of love.

  • United Kingdom: Mothering Sunday falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent, originating as a religious observance and now celebrated with cards, flowers, and special treats.

  • Japan: Observed on the second Sunday of May, marked by heartfelt gestures and expressions of gratitude.

  • Mexico: Día de las Madres is celebrated on May 10th, featuring festive gatherings filled with music, food, and celebrations honoring maternal love and sacrifices.

  • Ethiopia: Antrosht, part of the Antrosht festival, celebrates the end of the rainy season with a focus on mothers, including traditional feasting, songs, and tributes.

Whether it's with flowers, heartfelt words, or acts of kindness, let's remember to honor and celebrate the remarkable women who shape our world with their love.

How do you celebrate the mothers in your life or in your tradition?


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