Still Worthy After All These Years

Since its infancy in the early 1900s, the American Credit Union Movement has innovated new ways of viewing financial opportunity. The movement began with the then-revolutionary idea that everyday, working people... not just the rich... deserved financial services. It then went further to offer an innovative way to provide these services: “People Helping People.” Today, Credit Unions continue to benefit millions of their members based on this original, worthy idea.

Yesterday, the World...
In 1908 in Manchester, New Hampshire, pastor Monsignor Pierre Hevey of St. Marie's Church joined forces with his parishioners and local attorney Joseph Boivin to establish the first credit union in the United States. This was an auspicious beginning, since it brought together a dedicated Catholic cleric, an educated Jew and hundreds of local mill workers. This first credit union offered a world of new financial options: ways to finance small businesses, farms, and even that new-fangled contraption, the automobile. It’s no accident that the growth of credit unions paralled the expansion of the automotive industry!

Today, an Infinite Future...
From these humble beginnings the movement that promoted thrift and provided access to credit for the working class spread across America. Today there are 8,462 credit unions in the United States, representing more than 85,828,435 members*... and Mattel Federal Credit Union is proud to be among them. We offer our members access to an infinitely unfolding future of financial technologies. If a service represents a genuine benefit, and you and your fellow member-owners want it, we marshall our “People Helping People” resources to provide it. It’s a philosophy that’s still worthy after all these years.

*Source:, as of September, 2006


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